Wednesday, June 19, 2013

It's Simple: The SEO Industry Has Seen Positive Growth in 2013

Lately all of the news has been around the death of SEO. It’s all about mobile now, and it’s all about writing for readers and forgetting optimization worries. However, the “death” of SEO seems to have overpowered the small fact that companies are starting to come around to the idea of SEO (even in the midst of its suspected near-death). According to Bright Local, 40 percent of SEOs handle 11 clients or more, with 23 percent handling 21 or more customers, all higher numbers than last year (check out the graph on the webpage). This leads one to wonder: Is SEO really dying, or is it growing under the radar?

Why SEO Is Seeing Positive Growth
  • More knowledgeable about updates. With the ongoing Panda and Penguin algorithm updates, it is becoming increasingly important to have a partner that is well versed in dealing with these updates. The good agencies are prepared for these updates and are properly educating their employees and clients on how SEO works.
  • Importance of marketing variety. Many are beginning to realize that online marketing isn’t much without SEO. Creating an exclusively social media marketing strategy might be somewhere in the future, but for now getting those rankings is still important. This overlaps with the first point—it’s all about the education that companies now have.
  • New SEO tools. New SEO tools are making it easier and easier for companies to see how SEO works, not to mention help SEO agencies be successful. One of the most publicized SEO tools has been the Google disavow links tool, which has only been available since October 2012.
So why do people think SEO is dying? The biggest reason is because of the growth in social media; however those who work in the SEO industry will tell you that social media is only growing alongside SEO. While there are search engines, there will be a need for SEO. Only time will tell whether or not this positive reputation SEO seems to be creating will last, but for now it seems that SEO will continue to see some growth in 2013.

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