Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Boost Your Social Media ROI with C-Level Twitter Engagement

Twitter can help your company increase engagement, build or expand your following, gain influence and attract new business.  Many marketers—in an effort to amplify their reach 
and influence to a wide captive audience—make the mistake of over-automating their social media and blasting promotional spam, while failing to foster engagement or really listen to their audience. 

These marketers perform social media marketing like spambots in a misguided effort to make their inbound marketing content reach far and wide.  Twitter is a social network, so your marketing there must be social as well and not overly salesy.  Instead, transform your company into a trusted and credible informational resource and post original and curated highly shareable content—chock-full of relevant, smart and valuable solutions and insight.

Get the C-Suite Engaged 

Encourage your CEO and other company leaders to contribute to your company presence on Twitter.  Getting high-level executives involved can help them connect to their market, foster new connections and nurture relationships with prospects, clients, content writers and industry influencers.  CEOs may be wary of social media, because they do not recognize the value of it or fear that it will be too time-consuming.  CEOs are extremely busy, juggle many responsibilities and have little time to write and share original content, respond to numerous social media messages or do social content curation.
Although these reservations are understandable, Twitter is in fact less time-consuming than Facebook.  Strategic use of Twitter is all about expressing your thoughts in a concise and high-impact fashion, sharing insightful comments, promoting your original content and social content curation through link-sharing.  A CEO can easily use Twitter on the go as a marketing and public relations asset.  It only takes a few minutes in between meetings to share great content along with an insightful comment, so get your CEO and other executive leaders on board with Twitter engagement.

9 Twitter Best Practices

1.  Share relevant news and events.

2.  Use hashtags to start a community conversation about a certain topic.

3.  Be a vocal contributor to industry discourse.

4.  Follow other industry thought leaders and influencers.

5.  To foster engagement, share their content with your followers.

6.  Be responsive; respond to tweets and follow back.

7.  Join or host a Tweet Chat.

8.  Actually converse with others, instead of only promoting your own content.

9.  Ask questions and take polls to prompt conversation.

Effectively marketing on Twitter is like being a good friend.  No one likes the guy who only talks about himself and fails to listen to others.  Share relevant and insightful content; get engaged with your followers and industry peers for increased social media ROI.
Share your published content as well as the relevant, high-quality and insightful content of others.  Commenting on industry news and events and posting supporting links is a good option to get you acquainted with fellow Twitter users.  Spend time searching for fresh, original content that showcases industry thought leadership.  A broad spectrum of great content can be found on Social Media Today.  Smart social content curation is valuable to others and could certainly win you new followers.

Hashtags and Shrunken URLs

A thorough understanding of the best ways to use hashtags and URLs on Twitter will help you create more intriguing tweets and make more new connections.  Since tweets are short and sweet, it is critical to use shrunken or mini URLs, when you post content.  Many Twitter users utilize free services like TinyURL or to shrink long URLs.
If you wish to expand your Twitter reach, hashtags are the answer.  When you include hashtags in your tweets, they can be seen by all your followers plus anyone following your chosen hashtags.  Find the most relevant hashtags to incite greater interest and magnify engagement. offers a streamlined interface to search for hashtags and discover their trending popularity. If you search #SMM, will display the times of day and days of the week, when the social media marketing hashtag is most influential, and list the latest tweets and top influencers related to the hashtag.

Be Social and Responsive

Frequently click the @ icon at top of your Twitter profile to see who has shared your content and sent you tweets.  When someone shares your content, reply with a personalized tweet to thank him or her.  As questions arise, answer them thoroughly and with insight.  Adopting these practices will demonstrate your genuine engagement, foster your industry influence and may even help you become known as an industry thought leader.