Friday, May 10, 2013

AdWords Ad Group Mobile Bid Adjustments Are Here

Google Science Fair

Google AdWords announced that they have begun the rollout of their new ad group level mobile adjustments for AdWords accounts.
Only a limited number of accounts went active immediately, but like their rolling releases, if you don’t see it now, keep checking back daily to see if your account has been activated.
If you have account rep, you can also contact your rep to see if you can get an earlier activation in your account, particularly if you have a lot of mobile targeted campaigns.
Because mobile searchers have different intents than desktop computer searchers, this will enable you to use the same campaigns but value their CPC differently based on your own conversion tracking.
The other change is that you can now set bulk bid adjustments for locations, dayparts and devices, a definite improvement of the old style of having to update each location individually. This should also users much more flexibility in being able to quickly change and test these metrics across campaigns without having to spend a huge amount of time changing then changing back.
These new changes are also active through AdWords Editor, for those AdWords customers using the editor to create, edit and manage their AdWords ads.
These changes are being made in hopes that greater flexibility will increase CPC values when AdWords customers can easily increase bids on segments that are performing well for them. That said, be sure you are aware of your conversion data before jumping in and making a mass amount of changes when enhanced campaigns migrate to your account.


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