Sunday, April 21, 2013

Facebook Mobile Gets Major Upgrades Including Mobile Open Graph, Better Logins & “Facebook Technology Partners”

Today at Mobile DevCon (Facebook’s Mobile Developer Conference) some major announcements were unleashed that will change the way that apps interact with Facebook. Of course, Facebook integration within mobile apps is more important than it ever has been. According to a statement released from Facebook, over 81% of top 100 grossing iOS apps and 70% of top 100 grossing Android apps integrate with Facebook. The changes are quite large for mobile developers including Open Graph integration with an Object API, better logins & Permissions and the creation of “Facebook Technology Partners.”

Object API

There is a new way for developers to integrate Open Graph data using Object API. Instead of hosting webpages with open graph tags, Object API will properly mobilize Open Graph. In addition to Object API, an Object Browser has been announced that will allow users to easily view object data.

Object API will work with both mobile apps and mobile Web. A full tutorial has been released in conjunction with the announcement to help developers with integration. A new SDK has been released for iOS (SDK 3.5) and can also be downloaded today.

Native Sharing

Gone are the days when users were required to login to Facebook in order to post from an app. The new Native Share Dialog allows app users to share from an app (Open Graph data included) seamlessly without any interruption.
The Native Share Dialog is available today for limited iOS apps.

FasterLogin Dialogs

A major speed enhancement has been given to Facebook’s logins. Users will be able to login 20% faster, and no code changes are required for devs.


Facebook Technology Partners

Lastly, Facebook officially launched Facebook Technology Partners to help other developers integration with other innovation. These partners offer SDKs, plugins and tools to help build great social apps.


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