Wednesday, March 6, 2013

8 Strategies That May be Harming Your Brand's Image

With all of the posts going around containing tips on how to improve your marketing strategy, social media presence, etc., I want to make sure that your marketing strategy doesn’t contain tactics that may be harming your brand.

By removing certain tactics, you may find that you save some time while the content that you create is more likable and thus drives more traffic. Here are some tactics that if you’re using I recommend ditching and make time for strategies that work.
Content that sells
Well, advertently anyway. The content that you create should educate someone on a topic. Content that blatantly sells or blasts your brand’s message in someone’s face is not working. The goal should be to educate your audience on a topic in the genre that your brand falls in to, not write about your brand.
There is a good test to do before you publish any post, read through it and ask yourself if a reader could guess that it was written by your brand if they didn’t have any author information to look for. Hint: the answer should be no.
A Focus on Pretty Content
Visually appealing content is very important, don’t get me wrong. However, I’ve been noticing a surplus of unhelpful infographics and posts that contain beautiful photos but mediocre content. This leads me think that some marketers are focusing on pretty content over useful content.
A rule of thumb that I use when writing my posts, is to include one appealing photograph and then I also format my content to look visually enticing. Breaking it up with bullet points and subheadings makes it easy to digest unlike a block of text coming at you.
Posting About what’s Trending
Instead of only focusing on putting out content that regurgitates or shares an opinion on the topics that are trending today, make sure that you are also producing posts that are unique. This will help in two ways: these posts will have a longer shelf life and readers want to read new information over another article on the same topic that has already taken over their Twitter feed.
Don’t get me wrong, the trending topics will get quite a few click through rates the first few hours that they are up, they just die quickly so it’s good to keep a balance.
A Self-Promotional Social Media Presence
Of course we are going to tweet, share, plus, comment and pin our own posts. However, your own work isn’t the only work that you should be sharing. Share articles that you genuinely like and on outlets like Facebook and Google+, start a discussion with the content that you post. I call this good bloggers karma.
A Strategy that Doesn’t Focus on Bloggers
We all know by now that the bloggers are your brand’s biggest influencers. If you want the data to back up this claim, check out this report.
The easiest way to wrap up why bloggers are so influential is because consumers want to hear about a product via word of mouth not through traditional, self-promotional advertisement. Finding and narrowing down bloggers is key. Luckily there are tools like GoupHigh for brands that do a lot of blogger outreach or Google Blog Search for brands that only do it on a small scale.
Robotic posts
Too many parts of our daily communication have become robotic. I would say on average my desk phone rings twice a month but my inbox blows up all day every day. Personalization has been taken out of daily communication but since we are humans and are wired for interaction, we still crave it. Therefore, add it in to your posts. Don’t let them be dry, let your personality shine through!
A Selfish Marketing Mentality
My favorite things about the turn marketing has taken in to a digital marketing world is how much collaboration that I see in all niches. Bloggers who write about similar topics are often writing posts together, swapping posts, retweeting each other’s words, etc. instead of competing against each other. It’s all very utopian and I dig it.
The thing is, it’s working way better than bashing and ignoring each other. The exposure of each other’s traffic is a gold mine when collaborating with another blogger/marketer/brand in your realm.
Ignoring the Little People
We all started small but this tip isn’t in here for karma’s sake. Sometimes bloggers or websites who are starting out don’t have a lot of followers or influential stats but can still be our brand’s best ambassadors. From what I noticed, they’ll promote a post harder than the bloggers who already are established. Enthusiasm shines through.

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