Wednesday, February 27, 2013

See How LEGO Interlocks on Social Media

There is much to admire about LEGO. It is the most popular brand worldwide in terms of construction toys and blocks. LEGO gives kids and adults all around the world tiny bricks that interlock together to create magnificent structures.

But how is it faring on social media? LEGO is noted as a smart user of social media. They have an incredible presence on multiple networks like – FacebookTwitterInstagramYouTubePinterest and Google+. LEGO has set a high benchmark for all the other toy brands in terms of content quality and customer engagement.
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We reached out to a sample set of 15 mothers from US and UK who are subscribers to our Toy Tasting channel. In India we collaborated with an online toy store and spoke to some of their toy customers. We asked our sample group what they liked best about LEGO’s social media strategy. There was no questionnaire, but after having a general discussion with the mothers on what they think LEGO is doing right on social media we came up with the following points.
So here is what LEGO did right in terms of social media!
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To make the most of their adult fan followers, LEGO launched an online social media platform called Rebrick. Rebrick is a platform for teenagers and adult LEGO builders to share their unique LEGO creations with the world. They may also just want to share an awesome LEGO creation they come across on the web. I think LEGO has done just the right thing by providing a platform where consumers can shine and look good to their friends and community. They can not only share their creations but also take inspiration from unique creations of others. A forum to share user generated content is just the right thing. What more can a die-hard LEGO fan ask for?
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a) LEGO Innovates
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LEGO uses an innovative app on Facebook called ‘LEGO Timeline’. The app allows users to add their cherished LEGO moments on a timeline. Once you start using the app you can search for the LEGO set you want to add to your LEGO timeline and then add the date of when the set was built. This is an innovative concept and gives the fans a chance to view their entire LEGO collection in a timeline view. I believe this view gives a sense of satisfaction to a LEGO builder. My cherished LEGO moment would probably be when my child created his first LEGO Set. What about yours?

b) LEGO Encourages Sharing

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LEGO encourages sharing. I believe this is a great  social media strategy to engage consumers. For instance, their Facebook About Us page states – “Hello! You made it to the official LEGO Facebook page. We know you’re all awesome builders, so we want to see your LEGO photos, videos and stories too!” This actually motivates and encourages fans to share their LEGO moments. After reading such an encouraging welcome statement who wouldn’t want to share their LEGO moments?
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LEGO Makes a Visual Connection
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Statistics state that a post with images receives 120-180% more engagement from fans. LEGO understands that it is important to have a visual connection with fans and they do this beautifully on their Pinterest page.  LEGO’s Pinterest page is both visually engaging as well as informative. I particularly like the ‘Keep it tidy!’ and “BIY”: Build It Yourself! boards.
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a) Customised YouTube Page

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LEGO does the best with their YouTube channel, which is customized. It takes special efforts to customize a YouTube page and not everyone can do it. Apart from 70,000+ subscribers and 35,000,000 + views, their channel features various tabs within the page. These tabs have videos categorized on the basis of a particular theme like Ninjago and LEGO City. Besides the Official LEGO channel they have another YouTube channel LEGO Club TV to give the viewers a sneak peak at the cool LEGO creations by LEGO Club members.

b) Seperate Sections for Easy Browsing

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In addition to showcasing videos of their products on their YouTube channel, they have a separate section for other videos. These other videos include tabs like Fan Creations and Designer videos. They heavily marketed their customized YouTube page at the start of November 2012, just in time before Christmas. Once you visit the page, you’re bound to be hooked on and browse through.
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LEGO manages to cross promote their content pretty well. When LEGO makes a post on Facebook they share it on Instagram, tweet it on Twitter and pin it on Pinterest. LEGO understands that each network provides the opportunity to reach a new target audience and thus cross promoting posts increases the visibility. Recently for Valentine’s Day LEGO made a #LEGO #Valentine hash tag on Twitter and cross promoted the hash tag on other social media networks like Facebook and Pinterest.
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A final point I want to make about LEGO’s social media strategy – LEGO believes that Social Media does not begin and end online. They listen and respond to their fans in the right way whether online or offline. A great story that touched my heart was that when a 7 year old boy, Luka App sent a letter to LEGO asking for replacement of his lost Jay ZX LEGO minifigure, LEGO not only replaced the toy but also sent an additional minifigure.