Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Make Money with Social Media

Just a few short years ago, job titles such as “Social Media Specialist,” “Social Media Marketing Manager,” and “Blogger/Social Media Content Writer” were unheard of, and the idea that such grand titles could be held while working at home in your pajamas would have been far-fetched. Now, however, with approximately one out of every 13 people in the entire world on Facebook (1), and social media affecting approximately 196 million of the estimated 245 million active internet users in the United States (2), social media has become a leading marketing arena.

Because of the mobile nature of social media, opportunities abound to wear one of those fancy titles while spending the day at home in your pajamas. However, because working in your pj’s is quite appealing, people who want to make their passion become their profession need to find a way to stand out in the crowd.

Money to be Made

Do people really make money working in the social media field? The answer is a resounding yes. According to US News, social media specialists make from $30,000 to $70,000 per year (3). Of course, not every social media manager works on salary for a particular company. Many people work as contractors, landing clients from various online job sites. In such cases, yearly income varies greatly, depending on the person’s ability to market himself and land clients.

Not the Average User

Just because you have a Social Media Checklist and have a Facebook, Google+, and Twitter accounts you are not automatically qualified to work as a professional social media manager or writer. Look at the average user’s profile and you will discover hundreds of random posts about their social activities, random “likes” of some of their favorite activities, businesses, and music bands, and a slew of pictures of every friend and pet they have ever rubbed elbows with. If you want to make it in the professional social media world, your online presence may need a little cleaning up (4). A professional appearing social presence lends more credibility to your ability to become an asset to a company’s social media presence.

Multiple Platforms

In order to boost a company’s online presence, you will need to be proficient on many different social media platforms. Do not just list various platforms on your resume; build an online presence on each of the sites yourself. Be active on the various platforms: post meaningful, professional content, be deliberate in your blogging, tweeting, and posting efforts, prove in your own social media efforts that you are aware of the importance of timing, SEO, and other critical social media factors
A great way to manage your social media accounts and see all the important details is to use software such as Hootsuite. Sign up for a Free 30 Day Trial of HootSuite Pro.If you are in the business of making money from Social Media then this is a must have service.

Powerful Resumes

Because social media is a relatively new field, nobody can claim years of experience in the field. This actually works to the advantage of those new to the profession, because their education and experience portfolio will be strong deciding factors in the hiring process (3). Having a college degree in marketing is always a great benefit, but building a saleable portfolio highlighting certifications, experience, and listing current online presence is a high priority for landing jobs.

Navigate the Field

Although a social media job may allow you to work from home, it is not a laidback job. Social media is a highly competitive field that requires a bit of savvy and a lot of tenacity in order to succeed. A host of online job listings are available, allowing potential specialists to search jobs and market their skills. Discovering and utilizing such sites will go a long way toward making your work-from-home dreams become reality.

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