Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Social Media Becoming a Dominant Part of Marketing Strategies Throughout the Internet

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Businesses are seeing social media as a more significant part of their marketing strategy than they did in the past, partially because of the numerous ways that social media can be utilized. In the last few years a frenzy of both SEO innovation and social media marketing has been in seen in Internet marketing hot spots like Southern California.

The popularity of social media websites is continuing to grow among adults nationwide. Facebook is still the most popular social media website among young adults and seniors, while Twitter is much less popular among seniors. One of the fastest growing ways that people are accessing social media websites is through their mobile phones. For this reason, it is crucial that businesses make sure that their social media outlets are mobile-friendly.
For businesses counting on Facebook for their social media, a multitude of apps already make it easy for people to access Facebook.
Businesses are better off mastering these new social media technologies. New marketing tactics like the ones offered by new innovative San Diego marketing firms make it clear–innovate or stagnate. While traditional forms of advertising continue to work, businesses will want to interact with their customers through the methods that their customers prefer the most.
Customers Influence Each Other More Than Ever 
Customers are much more likely to purchase a product when they see that other customers like it. For example, when a Facebook user ‘likes’ a consumer page the customer’s friends are much more likely to trust a review they read about it.
Social Media is Becoming More Integrated Into Traditional Marketing Methods 
For this reason, businesses are increasingly seeing social media not as a separate form of marketing but instead a part of their toolbox of marketing strategies. As a result, businesses are increasingly integrating social media into their corporate websites and their online advertisements and content marketing. Businesses are starting to discover that the distribution of high-quality content through multiple social networks can lead to an attractive return on investment.
However, when marketing and creating content within the social media sphere, businesses must remember that they are making their company available for customers to interact with and a company might lose control of how customers perceive its brand. For example, on the Nestle Facebook page, customers began altering the Nestle logo in creative ways, which lead to Nestle threatening to delete posts that contained the altered logo. This lead to a customer backlash.
Social Media is Being Used In Multiple Ways 
One of the benefits that businesses are beginning to see is the multiple ways in which social media can be used outside of marketing. For example, social media is becoming another channel through which businesses can provide customer support. While interacting with a company online, customers can ask questions about available products. Company representatives can quickly give customers technical support and also can guide customers toward making certain decisions.
Overall, social media is starting to build a community discussion where customers can discuss purchasing decisions with other customers and also can receive input from the company itself. As businesses see a larger return on investment from social media marketing, they are beginning to invest more money into social media.

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