Monday, October 15, 2012

Random Bits of Social Media Trivia

Let me share some random bits of social media trivia.  These are things that I found while keeping up with Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Google+.  Note that they will change as social media evolves and adapts to new challengers, such as, Tent, Path, etc.
  • LinkedIn likes/comments do not make a post go viral because the post does not appear on my connections's Home page.
  • There is a way to send tweets to Facebook updates, but no way for tweets to be displayed on LinkedIn automatically.
  • Twitter provides the most comprehensive set of APIs among Facebook and Twitter yet it has the most restrictive language on API terms of use.
  • While Facebook and Twitter allows a post to be deleted via API, LinkedIn does not allow the post to be deleted via API.
  • While LinkedIn and Twitter supports private message via API, Facebook does not support private message via API.
  • Facebook, LinkedIn and Google+ require users to have one account with their real name, but Twitter does not.
  • Facebook, LinkedIn and Google+ support follow model (i.e. one-way subscription) although it was first popularized by Twitter.

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