Friday, October 5, 2012

How Social Media Can Boost Your Page Rank

We been doing quality content for the Philippine Plastic Surgeon (that’s the site by the way) since I began my career in SEO and I’ve been tapping various websites related to the niche to make a guest posts but honestly, the ratio of a site that answers to my email is 1:5. So, I told myself, I might as well focus on social media because 1. it is one of the fastest ways to be known and 2. just in case it will be Google’s focus in the next changes.

But will social media really be a consideration in the future? And how will it boost your page rank?

Fresh Content

Just like in SEO, your social media account should have fresh content so that your followers and readers will have something to look forward too. And, I’ve noticed too that since I’ve become more active on Twitter, when I type my name on Google, it is now in the top five. Mind you, I wasn’t very active two months ago and my Twitter handle does not even show up in Google! I just make sure though that I only tweet useful information to my followers; but don’t forget to put a link to your SEO site, too! The key hear is sending positive signal to Google.


Engage with your followers and fans so that they will know you on a more personal level. Getting Likes, +1’s and retweets sends a signal to Google that your content is to be trusted. Also, if you found useful information from others, pay it forward. Engaging with your followers is also the first step in building your online reputation.

Monitor Your Site

There are tools available on the web that can help you monitor how your site is doing. Social signals are already incorporated into Google’s analytics so you can view how many RT’s, or +1’s you are getting. You can derive useful information from this through knowing which topics or strategies are most useful for your followers or readers.

In the case of the Philippine Plastic Surgeon, I set-up a Google+ and Twitter account for Dr. Edwin Magallona and advised him to update it at least once a week because followers like it if it is personal and get first-hand information from an expert. As of the moment, he’s still learning the ropes and who knows, he might get addicted to it in the future.

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