Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Twitter Now Offers Personalized Banner Image Headers!

Twitter’s joining Facebook and Google+ this week, allowing users to add a banner style image to their headers.
The Home, Connect, and Discover tab pages remain the same, but a new “Me” section will be added to your primary Twitter navigation bar.
Twitter Banner Image Header
Your banner image will also house your Profile picture, name, Twitter name, biography, location, and website address.

Adding a Banner Image to Your Twitter Account

1. Choose an Image: The picture will end being 520×260, but Twitter will give you the opportunity to customize what you see before you finalize it, so you don’t have to worry about sizing it exactly.
Twitter recommends using a image that is 1200×600, but I used a 520×260 and it worked out well.
Remember that the text will be white and will be competing with your image for the reader’s attention. Try to pick an image that will allow the reader to easily see and read the text.
2. Once you’ve logged into your Twitter account, select “Settings”.
Twitter Settings
3. Then click on “Design” on the left-hand side of the page, and scroll down until you see the“Customize Your Own” option.
Twitter: Customize your own section
4. Click Change Header.
Twitter: Change Header
5. Select your photoadjust the “Image Display”, and “Save”.
Twitter: Image Display control
6. “Save Changes” at the bottom of the Settings page.
7. Click the “Me” navigation tab to see your new header.
Notice the Links on the left-hand side of the page – they give visitors the option to view your Tweets, who your following, who is following you, Tweets that you’ve favored, and your lists.
Twitter: show your latest tweets to visitors


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