Tuesday, September 25, 2012

How to Use a Twitter Paid Media Campaign to Build a Strong Community

Social media is one of the fastest growing industries in the marketing world. As the top social networks grow and new social networks are created, new and innovative advertising opportunities will present themselves.

Sitting at the top of a hill and screaming about your brand is no way to approach social media, but when done right, paid media advertising on social networks can help you amplify your social presence and build a larger, stronger online community.
Overtime, Twitter has developed a unique advertising platform that can be very useful to advertisers. The following outlines how Twitter can help build your online community with engaged users, as well as increase brand awareness and refine your content marketing strategy.

Why Use Paid Media To Back Your Social Program?

The Snowball Effect

There are some great companies out there with unique, engaging social media strategies. But not every single one is going to turn into the next great social marketing plan, generate 500,000 followers, and turn a small company into the next Google.
The problem with many programs is their limited reach. It takes time to build a quality community online. Utilizing Twitter’s advertising program can provide a faster boost to your efforts and help you build a stronger community.
Through Promoted Accounts and Promoted Tweets, you can reach more users, expose them to your great content, and bring them into your community. This will then lead to them sharing your content, and their friends sharing your content, and their friend’s friends sharing your content, and so on and so on…
Essentially, utilizing paid media can be the push that gets the snow ball rolling. The community you build will not leave once you stop advertising – it will continue to organically add members as long as you keep engaging and giving the community what it wants.
Sometimes all your social campaigns needs is a little kick start. A properly executed campaign on Twitter Ads can do just that.

Content Adaptation

Part of your social strategy should include what type of content you're creating and sharing. While you can learn over time what content resonates with your audience, doing this same exercise through Twitter’s paid media platform accelerates and provides you with more data points to analyze and understand the content you should be producing and publishing.
Through Twitter’s analytics, you can easily see which content was shared most frequently, clicked on, and @replied to. The data will show which pieces of content are connecting most with your audience and that can help you redefine and adapt your content strategy to fit your community’s wants and needs.

The Proof Is In The Numbers

The digital marketing agency I work for recently ran an extremely successful Twitter advertising campaign for one of our clients, and was featured in a case study on Twitter’s website. Here are some of the results from the campaign along with insights.

Amplifying Awareness

Reaching new users and exposing them to the brand was an extremely important goal for our client. Through paid media campaigns, we were able to expose more than 280,000 individual Twitter users with our messaging and content. These users exposed to the advertising fit the key demographics and geographic areas the company operated. These were valuable brand impressions that help promote the message of the campaign.

Building the Community

After seeing stagnant growth in the size of their online community, Twitter Promoted Account and Promoted Tweet campaigns were leveraged to build the accounts follower base. These campaigns led to an exponential rise in the size of the community. The graph below showcases the exponential growth:
The growth of community has continued even after the paid media program ended. As pointed out above, the "snowball effect" that was kick-started by the paid media campaign started the growth, which was then carried on through organic growth.

Increasing Engagement

Not only did the campaigns increase the size of the community, but they attracted highly influential and active community members. Much of the success of the campaign was due to the users who joined the community during this campaign. The users brought into this community were 45 percent more likely to retweet or @reply to the account’s tweet.
As the community grew with more engaged users, the number of users who retweeted or @replied increased exponentially as well. This level of interaction continued to stay at a high level once the campaign was turned off. This is a great sign that the community built through paid media was built with active, engaged, and interested Twitter users.
These active members of the community helped the account see their engagement rate triple and stay at that level post campaign.

Understanding Your Audience

One of the great benefits of the analytics package that comes with Twitter advertising is the information available about your follower base. Information regarding their interests, demographic information, and more is available. This information can be used not only to fine tune your advertising and Twitter campaigns but also can help you understand what type of content needs to be produced on your blog or shared on other social media sites.
When diving into the data for this specific campaign, we were able to see our audience skewed towards females ages 25-34 who enjoyed physical fitness, specifically yoga. This data point allowed us to not only cater our messaging toward this demographic, but with new advertising options available through Twitter, we could specifically target this interest group with content.
By understanding who the audience was on this social platform, we were able to work with our creative team to create content this specific audience would engage with.


Overall, this Twitter advertising program enabled us to build out a stronger community full of active, engaged users much more quickly than we could have ever done organically. We were able to quickly understand what content resonated with our audience and have continued to see organic growth of the community while continuously seeing the engagement rate level increase.

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