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A Very Revealing Look at Paid Facebook Ads

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With the use of social media outlets as a trend for personal, business, and other uses, Facebook PPC ads are a noteworthy promotion method all-around. Exploring the foundation of these ads can prove to be extremely revealing regardless of your industry.
Limited information may be available on certain social media analytic tools, but examining paid Facebook ads provides an in-depth abundance of information. To research the numerous facets of Facebook PPC and complete an analysis, we are going to utilize both SEMrush Facebook data and additional resources.

Currently, Facebook is one of the top three pay-per-click resources in the world and the exact position depends on how you are going to count in terms of clicks, views, or potential audiences, and some additional details are presented below.

Domains vs. Groups vs. Apps

Unlike Google or Bing pay-per-click, advertisers have a tendency to promote groups and applications very aggressively on Facebook. In terms of the amount of copies: 58 percent of Facebook ads advertise domains, 3 percent advertise apps, and the remaining 39 percent feature Facebook groups. Therefore, 42 percent of Facebook ads do not send users beyond Facebook itself.
We can conclude that the Facebook PPC publisher considers the PPC to be a semi-closed infrastructure. We cannot obtain accurate numbers for advertising budgets and the quantity of click, but we can do some estimation.
It appears as though the actual clicks confirm the publisher expectation and in spite of the fact that only 39 percent of ads feature groups, they are responsible for 56 percent of entire clicks. The probability of a click on a group ad is ~50 percent higher than the chances of a click on an external domain ad.
What can we say – if you don't have a page for your business on Facebook but allocate funds to the PPC there, you may want to reconsider and generate a page!


Ten countries control 50 percent of entire Facebook PPC. Yes, the U.S., UK, and Germany are top 3 (that was predictable). But who would have thought that Indonesia and the Philippines would follow?

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