Thursday, August 16, 2012

The Social Network on a Mobile Phone

Now that technology has boomed at an
unprecedented rate, the limits to all that can be accomplished by a simple mobile handset is only limited by imagination. The present day scenario has rendered the need to stay connected an absolute must.

This is probably the major reason why in addition to other kinds of Windows mobile application development services, companies and windows phone developers are turning to developing interesting Social Networking applications that cater to a lot of people.

The Kinds

Windows phone development has offered the following kinds of apps:
  • Business: These apps are designed for the smooth functioning of business processes.
  • Emailing: These apps help in convenient emailing.
  • Gaming: There may be thousands of gaming apps in the Windows application market, each suited to please a different group of audience.
  • Instant Messaging: Many apps offer instant messaging services.
  • Utility: there are a number of Utility apps available in the market today which help in lots of purposes like battery saver, barcode reader etc.
  • Educational apps: educational apps are made to cater to the students of all disciplines.
  • Healthcare: Healthcare apps help individuals to track their health patterns and records.
  • The social Network: Social Networking apps are by far the most predominantly used apps. They help people connect, share, upload etc., from anywhere in the world.

The point of discussion

Social Networking apps are the current point of discussion for most app makers today. Many social networking apps include features of other apps that help in enhancing the overall user experience of the app. A social networking app can be of two types:
  1. Individual app enabling user to have a unique application experience of the social network
  2. A representation or software that facilitates the user to use and experience another social networking site, already existent in the standard form, for example Facebook, Twitter etc.
This is why it is extremely important to keep a few things in mind while developing social networking apps:-

The idea

The first thing to decide is whether the inception of the idea is in order to create a whole new social network? Or is it simply to help the user with an existing id. In case it is a whole new concept that you wish to set forth with, it is important to delineate your target user group.
Once you have identified who your target group comprises of, only then will you be able to fashion your app in such a way that it meets the fancies of your target audience.

The design

Designing an app is as critical as it is easy. When you design an app, ensure that you do not overdo it. People like to use a clean interface where there aren’t too many distractions clouding one’s judgement about what the next step should be. If you confuse your user too much, you will only end up pushing him away from your app rather than pulling him closer.
The design of an app is the first thing that appeals to the user. When a social networking app is designed to represent another already existing website, much caution has to be observed to maintain the original essence of the website at the same time, creating your individual space in terms of a visual impact.
If the whole idea is a new one, ensure that nothing resembles an earlier app or website; because it will tarnish your impression and make users believe that you are a subsidiary of some other group.

The development

Development is the actual science of creating an app. While doing this remember that this app is being developed for the end user and not customer or even yourself. The app must essentially cater to the people it is meant for. DO not make the app such that it satisfies your ego. You may want to do a lot of things that your customers don’t want. However, bombarding the user with unnecessary info can prove to be too pushy and thereby force your users to move away from you.
Making your app user friendly is the key to success!


Social Networking apps are quite difficult to build. This is why it is advisable to hire Windows Phone app developers who can create stunning apps that will prove to be your road to success.


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