Monday, August 20, 2012

Klout unveils updated scoring system

Have you checked your Klout Score lately? If not, now is the time to do it. Influence-measurement platform Klout rolled out major changes to its algorithm on Tuesday.

The new Score factors in more data points (12 billion vs. 1 million) and social signals than before (400 vs. 100), to include a user’s actions on Twitter, Google+, Foursquare, Facebook, and LinkedIn, the +K they have received (capped every 90-day measurement cycle), and real-world influence, with Wikipedia as a new primary data source.
This explains why Canadian Justin Bieber’s grade on the site has decreased by 8 points:
Although [he] is one of the most influential celebrities on Twitter, his Wikipedia page has lower importance than those of people like Barack Obama. Previously, Justin had the distinction of being the only person with a perfect 100 Klout Score. With this update, his Score drops from 100 to 92. (Source: Klout)
However, accuracy is not the only thing that matters. The Klout team has also been working towards making the scoring system more transparent by adding a new feature called “Moments”:
“This feature displays the content and ideas that have been most influential across all of your networks, all in one place,” says Joe Fernandez, the CEO and co-founder of Klout, on the company's blog. “Moments will also help you see interaction patterns emerge that can help you shape your influence and improve the quality of your ideas.”
Finally, the Klout website has been redesigned, but is currently only available to small number of users. Everyone should be able to access it within the next few weeks.
"This update marks the next phase of Klout’s evolution into the dynamic, engaging platform of understanding and insight that I envisioned,” Fernandez continues. “Our ongoing vision is to help everyone discover and be recognized for their influence. Your ideas are more powerful than you can imagine, and with these updates to Klout, we are taking a step towards helping you understand that influence and better create ideas that shape the world around you.”
San Francisco-based Klout’s previous major scoring system update had occurred in October 2011 and triggered a huge amount of public complaints.

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Lauren said...

What a shame for Justin. :( I fear it will hurt his resume! Haha.