Monday, August 27, 2012

Keys to Make Content Less Boring

You can start making your content less boring by doing the following.

1. Stop repeating yourself and others.
If you’ve run out of things to say, stop talking. If someone has said what you want say better than you could, share what they said. When you think up something new and interesting to say, start talking again.
2. Tell stories that are not boring.
Stories are interesting when they are about real people in real situations. Stories are interesting when something surprising happens. Stories are interesting when they are vividly told, bringing the people and situations involved to life. Tell stories that will matter to your audience either because the stories are about them or about those they aspire to be. If you don’t have storytellers on staff, hire some!
3. Think like a publisher.
Sometimes we’re creating content for SEO, and sometimes we’re creating content for the CEO. We need to create content for the audience. That means addressing the issues/problems that matter to them in a way that emphasizes their needs and interests, not the company’s. It also means, like a publisher, thinking about what content can do to attract and keep your audience first and then how content can move units.


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