Wednesday, July 25, 2012

SEO and Social Media Equals Harmony

Every business has their own take on online marketing, but should they be doing it, is it worth the investment and are customers really willing to purchase from the internet? There can be a feeling from businesses that enough money is spent on just maintaining a “traditional” website while other business owners play with the idea of taking their business social as an alternative. 

The fact of the matter is, that seo and social media are both massively important to creating online harmony.

Why is it crucial to have online relevance?

In years gone by it may have been ok to have a website that was more like a corporate brochure with just a list of your products and services and a contact page. Now, that is simply not good enough. If your website is static, meaning that it doesn’t change and no new content gets added to it then, there is less and less of a chance that it will get noticed.

The search engines reward websites that provide the greatest user experience for their searchers. For example, when someone types in “solicitors”, just because you are a firm of solicitors and you have a website outlining who you are and what you do it does not mean you will rank on the first page of results.

The companies that will rank on the first page are the ones that provide a holistic experience that includes quality content around the subject as well as other related materials, reference and citations from a range of well respected sources on the topic and also have social signals.

What are social signals?

Social signals are proof that other people are using your service. The search engines garner this information by searching the web for mention of your name and services. Search engines are also able to correlate the context of that mention, for example whether it is positive or negative and yes, you guessed it, if all the results seem negative that is bad news. Likewise, not having any reference at all is also bad.

So what does all this mean?

This means as a business owner if you want your online presence to be a vital asset of your business then having a well developed web presence, including an active seo and social media strategy, is a must! It is not an option to choose either or anymore as social plays an ever increasing role in search results.

The days of having a simple online presence are gone, now it is all about web relevance and audience relationships.

Businesses big and small need to know that the search engines now accord significance of social presence and social signals as one of many determining factors in page ranking. The point of having a website and being active in social media is that together they complement each other and fulfill two very important functions that are currently transforming traditional link building and online marketing strategies.

Your website is a hub for your online activity, an established, familiar and stable presence. It should aim to reflect your business interests, provide answers to questions asked by your readers and more importantly convert those readers to subscribers and clients for your business.

Your social presence acts to keep followers, prospects customers and wider community audiences up to date with your company through a more relaxed social basis. The idea is by sharing relevant news, stories, anecdotes and things that genuinely make you and your business tick, that others will resonate with you and through that connection will start talking to you, about you to others, invest in your services and then tell more people about you.

People trust and respect the opinions of people they know, the likelihood is that if people share the same social circles they will have the same interests and a large percentage will be located in the same area benefiting your local marketing.

By being credible and human you can develop some very meaningful relationships.

On the internet today, seo and social media are one.

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