Monday, July 11, 2011

Thursday, July 7, 2011

Changing the way India shops for it's daily groceries! The AaramShop way!

The phrase ´The World is getting Online" has been given another dimension in India where you see you nearby ´Kirana Store´(Mom & Pop Stores) online and ready to take your orders through your facebook account and set to deliver at your preferred time to your doorstep at no extra cost. This has been made possible through ´´,(Hindi for Comfort + Shop) a website that is more of a hybrid retail platform that gives you choice of thousands of products and brands to choose from for your grocery.

The Online shopping has increased significantly over the last few years in India and is fast catching the trend. The consumers that AaramShop plans to address is 25 to 45 years of age, urban, females and males, professionals or well qualified "home maker by choice", technology friendly, habitual users of computer and other connected devices and is definitely on Facebook along with her peer network. This consumer can log on the platform using their facebook accounts and then shop for the products they want to buy, they can then choose their nearby Kirana Store (Mom & Pop Stores) from our listed stores along with the preferred time of the delivery. This ´Kiranawala´ (Mom & Pop Stores)would be informed about the order and it would be delivered to the doorstep at the time mentioned with the payment of cash only on delivery with no cost escalations.

AaramShop is a web-store to your door solution for all branded groceries products. In this way the consumer would be much more informed about various other brands that are available for the same product and also their pricing. AaramShop has been build keeping in mind consumers trust on their social networks and the brand recommendations that the networks make, thus helping is arriving at a better choice. Also since it can be done while you spend your time on facebook chatting with your friends it becomes an extremely easy and convenient way to shop for your groceries."

Next on the agenda is mobile based applications along with a lot of other web based applications like brand specific widegets and analytics.

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