Friday, August 21, 2009

Story of a lathargic guy!

truly believe in the fact " If there is a easier way then why do it any other way". I totally live by this and widely practice this. For me Internet and the things linked to it makes more sense than anything else.

Internet makes things makes easier and closer than anyone could imagine. Be it searching for a holiday package, any product, looking at some report, managing data, doing banking, ordering stuff, messaging, chatting or simply staying in touch.

Guess what, On Saturday 25th Oct 08, some business peers from other countries wished me Birthday but few of my close friends forgot. Thanks to a popular social networking site, which did the trick.

Let me share a short true story. Few years back I was given a task to handle the nerve center for my organization. With it came a lot of raw data and information flowing 24/7 to me. In a blink of the eye, i was expected to create a lot many MIS reports and intelligent analysis, and this was required to be done day in and day out.

Now being lathargic person I am, this was a uphill task for me, working all the time. The only good part was availability of an online reporting mechanism. This system used to capture all the data from folks around and through up some basic tabulated reports.

Stuck a Golden Idea! Why not make people work for you and they dont even come to know about it. Sharp. Them with the help of 2 of my peers we turned the online reporting system into a world class homemade mini erp. The system when implemented could through up 24/7 intelligent reports, insights, dashboards, alerts and accolades for me. The system not only acts as a internal Reporting and tracking tool but even acts as a information window for the clients and the partners.

Now, when I dont handle and manage the system, i still get the good words and that too without much effort.

Imagine if i had to do all those reports and data gathering myself and internet was not around, what would have been the state of the lathargic guy in me.

My 15 minutes

The expression is a paraphrase of Andy Warhol's statement in 1968 that "In the future, everyone will be world-famous for 15 minutes." Warhol's comment and the insight it expresses grew out of his own interest in fame and celebrity. His view of the media was that they could enable any person to become famous. Warhol's own shifting entourage of otherwise undistinguished hangers-on in the 60s and 70s, whom he dubbed his "Superstars," exemplified his idea of short-term, disposable celebrity.

A more recent adaptation of Warhol's quip, possibly prompted by the rise of online social networking, blogging, and similar online phenomena, is the claim that "In the future, everyone will be famous to fifteen people" (or, in some renditions, "On the Web, everyone will be famous to fifteen people").

Here I am, through this blog looking for my 15 people.